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SPN You Can't Handle the Truth

Just rewatched and must say that Dean is awfully pretty in this episode and this episode says a lot about how Dean feels during the season.


You were born during a Third Quarter moon

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Japan Earthquake-

Prayer to all the people in Japan and those whose families are there, being in California knowing that earthquakes are a reality, this is a reminder of the devastation that can so quickly occur. New Zealand and now Japan, believe me preping my earthquake kit is a reality.

Again, prayers and positive thoughts to all.
support Supernatural it is in round 2 and the critic is pushing Chuck. So, go out and support the underdog, Supernatural!



SPN needs our vote again! It is important this time!‏
Hulu is doing their yearly "Best in Show" showdown and, even though they don't carry it on their site, Supernatual is in the running! If they win, Hulu MAY START CARRYING SPN!
Please VOTE: http://www.hulu.com/bestinshow

thank you: sherbertglasses


Vote for DEAN !!!


A Very Supernatural Christmas

I was rewatching today and boy I really feel so bad for Dean. It really is sad. It does give a view into Dean's real hopes and wants.

Captain America and Thor

Saw previews tonight during the Superbowl and it may be my bias but really---Jared as Thor would have rocked and come on Captain America is Jensen.

by the way, I LOVED! the Darth Vader Volkewagon commercial, that kid was amazing!